PC Gaming Show Returns for E3 2018; Date and Time Announced

PC Gaming Show Returns for E3 2018; Date and Time Announced

PC Gamer has announced that the PC Gaming Show will be taking place before E3 this year at 3pm PDT on June 11.

Over the past few years, the PC Gaming Show has been held at E3, giving players an early look at upcoming PC titles. Today, PC Gamer confirmed that the PC Gaming Show will be happening once again this year on June 11.

They show will once again be hosted by Day[9], and will take place at The Wiltern at 3pm PT on June 11. According to PC Gamer, this year’s theme is “See the Future of PC Gaming” and they plan to achieve that goal by showing off unannounced games and hardware during their show. While the event is open to fans, PC Gamer will also be livestreaming it on Twitch.

Several developers and hardware companies will be showcasing something during the event, including Acer, Improbable, Oculus Rift, Tripwire Interactive, Stardock Entertainment, Frontier Developments, Team17, Chance Agency, and Coffee Stain Studios. More companies will be in attendance, and PC Gamer plans on revealing them in the coming weeks.

Tim Clark, Editor in Chief at PC Gamer, had the following to say about this year’s PC Gaming Show:

“We’re delighted to host another event that will give PC gaming the presence at E3 it deserves. Since its inception, the PC Gaming Show’s goal has been to demonstrate the depth and breadth of creativity on the platform, and this year we’re putting together a program with big reveals from indies and major players.”

E3 2018 is taking place this year from June 12th-14th, 2018 in Los Angeles, CA, and DualShockers will be in attendance, so be sure to stay tuned for our coverage of the event.