PC MMO TERA Arrives in Europe w/ Game-Play, Trailer, + Screens

on July 20, 2010 3:37 PM

PC MMO TERA Arrives in Europe w/ Game-Play, Trailer, + Screens

TERA is an MMO title featuring real-time battles and what some are calling “next-gen” 3D graphics. The game has recently began making its way over to Europe from Japan where it was released in February 2010 and will have gamers cheesing over the non-targeting game-play system that should be a breath of fresh air from most MMO battle systems. After a 3 year, $24 million development process and various closed betas including massive amounts of players, this game is surely tried and tested among a core audience by En Masse Entertainment for developers Bluehole Studio and soon will land in the European market as well on the expected release date of March 31st, 2011.

Soon, the wait is over for this MMO-RPG from across the sea. Whether you live in a German, French, or English speaking country in Europe you will have the chance to jump in to TERA soon thanks to publisher Frogster who will localize the title. One look at the trailer after the break and you will see this enchanted world has a lot to offer including unique enemy styles, great looking environments, and some intense action sequences. There is even game-play footage thrown in and it doesn’t look half bad. The various abilities and classes characters teased in the trailer in addition to the epic and desperate feel of this title’s atmosphere alone make it a noteworthy release for any MMO gamer to be aware of. Enjoy the trailer (w/ Game-Play footage) and screens after the break.

Check out Tera-Europe.com for more information.

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