Overwatch Players Will Now Be Notified If the User They Reported Has Been Punished

The PC version of Overwatch now allows players to be notified when they submit a user report.

on August 17, 2017 12:30 PM

Yesterday, Reddit user crazyjackal posted on the Overwatch Reddit that Blizzard Entertainment will now notify players if a user they have made a report on has been disciplined, this was then confirmed by the game’s lead software engineer Bill Warnecke.

Players who submit reports about a particular user that they may suspect is cheating or manipulating an in-game glitch to their advantage, will receive a mail from Blizzard Support confirming that action has been taken. Although the developer does not go into detail regarding how or how long the user will be punished, at least those who submitted reports will know that said punishment did happen.

This is a radical departure from standard procedures in most online environments, including Blizzard’s own, where disciplinary actions are normally never disclosed with third parties.

Currently, the report feature is only exclusively available on the PC version of Overwatch, with implementation in the PS4 and XBox One versions still pending.

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Overwatch is currently available for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. Last month, a Game of the Year Edition was released and features additional in-game cosmetic items.

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