Peacemaker Introduces Caspar Locke As The New Character

Caspar Locke is here to spice things up a little.

January 27, 2022

Just today, on January 27th, the new episode 5 of Peacemaker was released. A couple of new characters are introduced in the show, but the one to grab our attention is Caspar Locke. Here’s everything we know about the new character.

Created by James Gunn, Peacemaker is a character from DC Comics. The series is the spin-off of The Suicide Squad movie and follows the life of Peacemaker, who has no choice but to join the A.R.G.U.S black ops squad. The mission of the force is to eliminate parasites known as “Butterflies”. So far only the five episodes of the first season have been released and the show is liked by the fans a lot.


Hands down, the new episode of Peacemaker was just amazing. The way fourth episode shook us by revealing that Mr. Murn was actually a Butterfly, everyone was waiting for episode 5 and seeing how things continue in the series. Some new characters also made their appearance in the recent episode. But the one we think is an important one who will make the story a little more interesting is Caspar Locke.

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Everything You Need To Know About Caspar Locke

Caspar Locke makes his first appearance in Murn’s house. Clemson Murn asks for his help as the situation is quite fragile and Caspar agrees to help him. The conversation between the two is shown like Caspar already knows about the real identity of Murn. But we highly doubt that.

Locke is a subordinate of Amanda Waller and she is the one who leads the A.R.G.U.S black ops squad. So in order to make things go smoothly, she ordered Locke to take care of officer Song and the investigation against Peacemaker. The next thing we know, Locke takes over as the head of the police department, replacing Captain Miele.

Both Murn and Caspar Locke know how capable is police officer Sophie Song. After she is informed that Peacemaker’s father is still in custody even after being proved innocent, she has a conversation with Locke. But as expected, he turns her down by saying that she needs to take some rest and dismisses her. Till now it isn’t clear if Caspar Locke is also a Butterfly a not. But it won’t come as a surprise if he turns out to be one.

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