The Pedestrian Side Scrolls Onto Kickstarter

The Pedestrian Side Scrolls Onto Kickstarter

The Kickstarter campaign for the Skookum-Arts developed 2D puzzle platformer The Pedestrian has gone live.

The game will put players in control of the featureless character from the public restroom signs. It turns out that while the figure isn’t indicating that a facility is a restroom for men, it actually has exciting platforming adventures on its own:

The Pedestrian is a 2.5D side-scrolling puzzle platformer that takes puzzle platforming literally. The player moves from sign to sign, rearranging and reconnecting signs in order to solve puzzles. These solved puzzles connect and occupy space in the 3D surroundings. This allows the player the ability to explore and maneuver smoothly through the terrain.

Players will arrange signs and customize a unique narrative while challenging their puzzle solving skills. The game offers a unique “wordless” storytelling experience:

No more walls of text! All puzzle mechanics are taught using symbols and animation, while story elements are portrayed during gameplay. The real-world public sign system was created to give information without the use of text, eliminating the barrier of language. Thus, The Pedestrian uses simplistic sign-style symbols in order to convey needed information for gameplay.

The campaign has an initial goal of $21,000 and the first stretch goal adds a female playable character at $25,000. At the time of this writing only $2,206 of that has been raised, but the campaign will continue for 29 more days.

Pledge your support at the campaign here and see early footage of the game in the newly released trailer below. You can also enjoy a free demo.