Sign of the Times: The Pedestrian Reaches 40% on Kickstarter, Considering PS4 Port

Sign of the Times: The Pedestrian Reaches 40% on Kickstarter, Considering PS4 Port

We’ve covered the mix and match platformer The Pedestrian here before and it’s nice to see the Kickstarter campaign continue to grow. The devs at Skookum-Arts have reached over 42% of the $21,000 USD in just 5 days.

As the project is fleshed out more and more, new details and adjustments have emerged from the creators.

The most exciting news comes from the comment section of the project. While answering a question about if The Pedestrian would come to consoles, the devs replied that while they ‘are currently focusing on PC/Mac, but PS4 is in the pipeline.’ This comes as great news to those who don’t have access to a modern(ish) computer.

And less than half a day ago, the team announced that they were tweaking the stretch goals a bit. Originally the ability to play as a female main character was to be unlocked at $25,000 USD. Now, both genders will be playable from the onset and a cat will take the stretch goal position.

Skookum-Arts go on to explain ‘[w]ithout giving too much away, the cat character will be introduced and play a big role in one of the areas.’

For those who need a refresher, The Pedestrian takes place in a world of interconnected signs. The game contains standard 2D platforming fare on top of a nicely made 3D backgrounds.

The playable area is are different signs throughout the world. You can zoom out and combine these signs to be able to jump between them. This also adds a puzzle element to the game.

As the devs state, ‘real-world public sign system was created to give information without the use of text, eliminating the barrier of language.’ This will be reflected in the narrative as well with interactions between the male and female character symbols driving the story. Environmental cues will also fill in the gaps.

The campaign ends on