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Pedro Pascal Fan Art could Be the Greatest Joel Illustration Ever

Check out what we think to be the best Pascal x Joel fan art yet.

If you’re not a Last of Us fan and you’re sick of hearing about it, lately would have been pretty rough for you. Not only did we get to know more about who would be the main cast in HBO’s tv show based on the video game, but we also got to see a ton of fan art. As you’ll know, regardless of the game, there is so much creativeness that circles the gaming world from God of War to The Witcher art and cosplays. But today, I think I may have found the best sketch of Pedro Pascal as The Last of Us‘ Joel.

Julie, a 23-year-old Danish freelance artist who specializes in portraits, has taken to Twitter to showcase their latest piece. Looking through Julie’s Instagram, it’s fair to say they are beyond talented when it comes to art and especially portraits. Flipping through, you’ll be able to spot many celebrities just by Julie’s ability to detail facial features in extreme detail that include Captain Flint from Black Sails, Mads Mikkelsen’s character Markus from Riders of Justice, Arya from Game of Thrones plus many others.

This time, however, Julie takes on  The Mandalorian star Pedro Pascal, who will be playing Joel in HBO’s The Last of Us, and is able to so accurately place him into the shoes of the character just by art alone. I love how Julie has given Pascal Joel’s serious facial expression but not Joel’s full beard which I think is a good move given that we haven’t seen Pascal sport one thus far. Even though we have seen so many Pascal x Joel art pieces, this is by far the most detailed and intense. Now, all we have to do is wait and see if Mr. Pascal will actually look anything like the Joel we have known and loved for many years.

As of now, no release date for the series has been set for HBO’s The Last of Us but you can bet your butt that once we do, we’ll have all the news here at DualShockers. The Last of Us is available on the PS4 or you can jump straight into The Last of Us Part 2 which is available exclusively on PS4 and PS5.

Rachael Fiddis

Rachael, who is Head of Culture, has been gaming for many years. Some of her favourite video games include The Witcher 3 and The Last of Us but also loves a good indie title. Gaming Culture is where her heart lies and spends many hours sieving through gaming fan art and cosplay displays. Other than gaming, Rachael is a book nerd and music lover.

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