Peering into the Bizarre World of the Sim with Ship Simulator Extremes' Ferry Pack

By Danl Haas

February 27, 2011

Have you ever opened up Steam in the morning to check the deals or new additions, and found yourself greeted with yet another list of add-ons for Railworks? You probably think to yourself, “Who the heck is buying all these things? Why are there so freaking MANY of them?”

The answer is basically that there is a very devoted fanbase for sim games, and their borderline-fetishist support is enough to keep these games being pumped out with as much frequency as the Madden series. There are entire studios dedicated to niches within the already niche genre, and while they aren’t huge, they apparently do quite well for themselves.

I’ve never met a sim gamer, mostly because they don’t tend to run with your typical “gamer” community. I can’t say much about what they’re like, other than that they would find the following list of features in the upcoming Ferry add-on pack to VSTEP’s Ship Simulator Extremes (that’s MULTIPLE extremes!) extremely exciting:

  • 5 new Ferry types (Fast, Channel, River, etc.) available in Campaign, Free Roam and Multiplayer mode.
  • Ferry specific gameplay: Ferry ramp & door opening for loading/unloading, Directional switch for two-ender ferries, etc.
  • New Ferry campaign featuring 10 missions all over the world
  • Ferry mission functionality added to the Mission Editor, allowing for creation and sharing of Ferry specific missions

And as if that weren’t more than enough, I’ve even gone ahead and included the Ferry Pack’s trailer for you after the jump. No, no need to thank me. I can feel your love from here.

The Ferry Pack add-on will be available for $14.99 on March 8th, 2011.

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