New Pentakill Album Hinted At in New League of Legends Teaser

New Pentakill Album Hinted At in New League of Legends Teaser

League of Legends' fictional band Pentakill may be making their first reappearance in three years, according to a new teaser trailer by Riot Games.

It’s time for a reunion — at least, so League of Legend‘s latest video seems to hint that a brand new album from fictional band “Pentakill” is on its way. In the brand new teaser released earlier today, League of Legends mentions how (in the game/band’s canon), Pentakill’s “last performance ended the band – and the lives of the audience. But Pentakill didn’t stay dead for long, and now no stage can escape the Grasp of the Undying.”

Never heard of Pentakill? The band, cleverly named after the often unbelievable feat of killing five players at once in League of Legends with one character, exists seemingly to bring a taste of Metal to the League of Legends fanbase. Headed by musician Jørn Lande, Pentakill has released a single, Lightbringer (2014), and a full-lengthed album, Smite and Ignite (2014).

Since then, little has been heard of the imaginary band. With the exception of a show for the League of Legends Brazilian Championship, many believed the band would simply fade into obscurity in the game’s long and storied history. That is, until today’s announcement which has set subtle, but energetic waves among the hardcore community.

Of course, this isn’t the first cool project coming out of the ashes of League of Legend’s lore. While not officially done by Riot Games, YouTube weapon creators Man At Arms: Reforged created the Nameless Blade — the signature weapon of Yasuo in the game. Okay, it was largely just a normal katana with extra frills, but recreating iconic video game weapons will never not be appreciated on this site.

The band’s official website has no mention of a new album, so who knows how far or close we are to a new album coming. But to all the League of Legends fans out there, this should be a welcome announcement. Check out that teaser below: