Pepsi Man Fan-Remake With RTX Will Make You Wish for an Official Remake

Pepsi Man Fan-Remake With RTX Will Make You Wish for an Official Remake

Pepsi Man game from PS1 gets an unofficial modern-day remake on Unity with Ray-Tracing.

Launched exclusively on the original PlayStation console back in 1999, the Pepsi Man game was a popular game in the same genre as Crash Bandicoot, but with light-hearted gameplay that made it a fun experience at the time. Over two decades have passed since the launch of the game, but the game has not forgotten yet. Recently, a creative modder released a gameplay video from a fan-remake version of Pepsi Man with modern-day technologies such as RTX.

Unfortunately, this is just a personal product and will not be released as the rights of the character and the game all belong to the Pepsi corporation. That being said, it’s still worth to take a look at the remake and see how the game would look like if it was to receive a remake in the eighth generation of consoles. Despite using all-new textures, shaders, and lighting effects, the modder has tried its best to be loyal to the original game’s world.

The footage includes a few minutes from the first two levels of the Pepsi Man game. Of course, you can’t find all the details from the original game in this remake, but it could get even better by progressing the project and adding some NPCs to the map similar to the original game. The modder has done a great job in translating Pepsiman’s original animations to the remake, especially when falling or sliding.

BananaPictures, the modder behind the project, has promised that he would share more updates on this remake soon to show various parts of the remake and more new gameplay videos.

Since the launch of Pepsi Man on PS1, we haven’t heard anything about a sequel to the game or a remake of it in the past years. The game received mixed reviews from outlets around the world at launch.