Survival Horror Game Perception Getting Two New Difficulty Modes; More Announcements Teased

Deep End Games announced two new modes for Perception on Twitter today that will be good news for those who play for the story and those for the challenge.

July 24, 2017

Even though Deep End Games released Perception a few months back, it doesn’t mean that they’re done with it. Originally launching on the PC in May and PS4/Xbox One in June, the game went on to develop a bit of a cult following for its story and unique take on horror and echolocation based first-person gameplay. The devs took to their official Twitter today to announce two new game modes in the works and to tease some future developments for the company.


As you can see above, these planned additions effect the difficulty of the game. This seems to be an attempt to appeal to casual players and hardcore players at the same time. ‘Story’ mode is obviously for those who just want to enjoy the narrative of the game without any of that pesky dying whereas ‘Scary’ encourages challenge-seekers not to die lest they be taken all the way back to the beginning.


But Deep End wasn’t done there as the same tweet announced ‘tons of updates’ as well. While these are likely centered around Perception the game (including patches, updates, and maybe some DLC), some of their latest messages on Twitter were about a project in a different medium. The studio Gameumentary is living up to its name and creating a documentary on this specific game. Deep End will be the second dev team covered by the filmmakers as they explore Perception and the people behind it.

There’s been no word of the release date of the Switch version of the game so it’s possible that will be announced this week. We’ll be sure to keep our eyes out for any news regarding Nintendo ports and more for this echolocation survival horror game.

Leif Conti-Groome

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