Perfect Universe Developer Will Sykes Details the Nine Game Types

Upcoming 2.5D mini-game collection Perfect Universe is all about momentum, gravity, and monochrome environments. The PlayStation 4 game is being developed by Will Sykes, who has recently given details on the nine game levels which are split between three single player and six local multiplayer modes.

Each single player game is timed and records your score on a global leader board for comparing stats with friends or others around the world. Collectively, the three modes feature over 70 levels, and includes a mode inspired a bit by the awkward controls in QWOP.

  • Perfect Moon: Enjoy some classic platforming as you control a man collecting stars
  • Moon Life: Control the feet of an alien in this QWOP-like game – much harder than it sounds
  • Star Light: Fly your rocket ship through the galaxy in a Thrust-like game where you’ll soon learn that you need less power and more placement to navigate the tracks

Meanwhile the multiplayer games are more centered around sports and can be played with either AI or up to three friends locally.

  • Moon Golf: An interplanetary game of golf
  • Gravity Dodge: A four-player game of alternative gravity dodgeball
  • Balloon Pop: Scramble to pop more balloons than anyone else!
  • Rocket Ball: Football, but with rockets!
  • Moon Volley: A game of volleyball around a little planet
  • Space Race: Rocket race against friends

All of this is done in a black and white art style, and Sykes explains that, “I wanted it to appear as if it had just emerged from your imagination and been drawn onto a blank canvas.” While no release date has been given, Sykes expects the game to launch in the next two months and is quickly approaching the end of development.

If you want to get a better idea of what the game looks like in motion, you can watch the trailer, or view the image gallery for some high-resolution photos.

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