Perfect World Entertainment to Bring Their MMOs to Consoles

on December 31, 2013 4:43 PM

Perfect World Entertainment, the same guys behind big MMOs like Dungeons & Dragons and Neverwinter Online, have begun to form a new department which will be tasked with bringing their biggest MMOs to current and last gen consoles.

We are looking at this medium to better connect with gamers,” said General Manager of Publishing, Andrew Brown. “The opportunity to work on new types of projects with developers from all over the world is really exciting for us as a company. We are confident in our outlook entering into this new business, and you can expect Perfect World to be a major player in the console marketplace.

This division is just being formed so there’s no word yet on what games will be brought to consoles at this point. Future games will also be coming to consoles. We should expect some sort of announcement about this next year.



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