Persona 3 Goes Portable

Persona 3 Goes Portable

As if we didn’t have enough gorgeous Atlus goodness coming at us with Shin Megami Tensei: Persona for the PSP and Demon’s Souls for the PS3, now news arrives via Famitsu that they are remaking Persona 3 for Sony’s portable powerhouse.  The original title first hit shelves in August 2007, then was revisited several months later with the souped-up FES version, which included an expansion-like story, as well as some changes to the original game.  I had heard good things about Persona 3 shortly after it arrived, but didn’t get time to play it until I picked up the FES version the following year – and boy was I glad I tried it.  It’s one of the absolute best JRPGs on any system in recent memory (yes, yes, including current-gen consoles).  It was only topped by its follow-up, Persona 4.

This is another in the recently created long line of awesome titles that will be available to play portably before long.  The remake appears to have a new main character – a female.  I’m not entirely sure how she will fit into the story, but new additions for this PSP version are definitely welcomed.  Some new social links will be added to the original title, as well and the battle system being updated to allow manual control of all party members, like in Persona 4.  Perhaps there’s more changes in store.  One thing is for certain, this screams “pre-order” to me, even though I already have Persona 3: FES.  Yes, the game is that good!

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  1. The Persona series is probably one the the best JRPG’s series I’ve ever played. I can recall playing the first one and being so pissed off at the last boss, that I broke my controller. lol. I’ll definitely be getting this one. I haven’t played any REAL good JRPG’s in a while… now, why can’t SquareEnix do the same with Xenogears, for crying out loud.

  2. New info after I wrote the article: You can choose whether to play as a female or the original male protagonist at the start of the game – some social links and characters appear differently depending on the gender of you character.