Persona 3 The Movie: #3 Falling Down Will Premiere On April 4th

on January 5, 2015 11:50 AM

It was announced that Persona 3 The Movie: #3 Falling Down will premiere in Japanese theaters on April 4. If you’re visiting Japan around that date, here’s the list of theaters where the movie will be available.

This movie revolves the arrival of Ryoji Mochizuki, a “mysterious transfer student” in the same class as the protagonist Makoto and friends. He has a bright personality and can easily approach women, but Aigis becomes wary of him after their first encounter.

A theme song CD will be available for 3,000 yen and will be releasing in February. It will include a movie ticket and the “Light in Starless Sky” theme song CD, which will include the following four tracks from Yumi Kawamura and Lotus Juice:

  • Light in Starless Sky
  • Sakerarenu Tatakai -Power Mix-
  • Living With Determination -Mellow Velvet Mix-
  • Light in Starless Sky -Karaoke Ver.-
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