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Persona 4: The Animation Is Currently Really Cheap on Amazon

Fans of the Persona series can grab the complete Persona 4 anime collection on Blu-ray at a discounted rate on Amazon right now.

The Persona games are known for offering players storylines that go on for hours and hours. My first run-through of Persona 5 capped out at around 92 hours, and that was without seeing everything the game had to offer.

Now, not everyone has that kind of time. I understand that struggle. It’s a struggle that has stopped me personally from playing a multitude of fantastic JRPGs.

Thankfully, anime is here to save the day. Persona 4: The Animation is currently $22 on Amazon. Of course, you can watch anime online pretty easily, but don’t be a butt, support the industry. I know Persona fans like myself love collecting as much physical media and merchandise from the series as possible.

The discounted collection is only available on Blu-ray meaning you’ll get to view it at the highest quality. Now, I’ve seen Persona 4: The Animation and don’t necessarily think it holds a candle to the game it’s based on. Also, I think it’s worth noting that there was a completely separate anime created for the additional storylines in Persona 4 Golden. Scenes from that show are not included in this collection.

As previously mentioned if you don’t have the time to play the game, the animation is an acceptable alternative. I myself viewed Persona 3’s storyline via the four movie collection that released in Japan some time ago before trying the game myself. Sometimes it just has to be done that way for some of us.

Persona 4: The Animation is 26 episodes long. It covers all of the main plot points from the game it’s based on. The biggest criticism I have of it is the fact that over the course of the game, it’s much easier to really get to know the main characters and grow attached to them. I personally didn’t get the same effect from the anime. Nevertheless, it’s an enjoyable watch.

You can purchase the collection over on Amazon right now. It’s currently out of stock but you can still get the Blu-ray at a discounted rate, and it’ll be sent to you once it’s restocked.

Persona 4 came out back in 2008 on the PlayStation 2, it’s also available digitally on the PlayStation 3. Persona 4 Golden was a re-release of Persona 4 with additional content for players exclusively on the PS Vita.

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