Persona 4: Arena Gets a Sleek UK Limited Edition

Persona 4: Arena Gets a Sleek UK Limited Edition

UK fans have had to endure an unbelievable wait for Persona 4: Arena, an amazing fighting game which won a slew of awards and was the single best reviewed fighter of 2012. As an extra special reward for having to wait so long for the game, UK fans will have access to a wonderful limited edition set. This lovely set will include a copy of the game, a mini-soundtrack containing six songs, a 300 piece jigsaw puzzle (swag), a key chain featuring the adorable Teddie and a TV set to the Midnight Channel, a digital fan pack which contains wallpapers and the like, a themed tote (more swag) and premium packaging.

This set is available exclusively via Zen United and it’ll run you £59.99. The regular edition of the game will cost £39.99. If you pre-order from the retailer GAME, you’ll get an exclusive 12-inch vinyl featuring the same songs as the mini-soundtrack. Where were all of these bonuses when the game launched here in the US? I may just have to import that phat LE. The regular and limited editions of Persona 4: Arena will be available in Europe on May 10th.


Get a better look at all of the goods mentioned here in the unboxing video below.