Persona 4 Golden Hits 500K Player Mark On PC

Bringing Persona 4 Golden to the PC worked out big time. Go figure.

July 11, 2020

Looks like Atlus is finally realizing there’s something to this PC thing.

The Western division of the developer and publisher announced Friday night that Persona 4 Golden hit the 500,000 player mark on PC, commemorating the occasion with a new sketch from series character designer Shigenori Soejima of Teddy, Nanako, and the Protagonist (otherwise known as Yu Narukami in the spin-off games) to thank fans for the support.

Coincidentally enough, the milestone was reached on July 10, the 12th anniversary of the original Persona 4’s launch in Japan for the PlayStation 2.

As a heavily expanded and refined release of the original game, Persona 4 Golden stood as one of the most acclaimed JRPGs of the past decade. But for as much praise as it received, the game launched in 2012 as an exclusive for Sony’s ill-fated PlayStation Vita handheld, so it was limited in the audience it could reach. And for the longest time, Golden stayed there, even though the Vita was increasingly fading out of the picture as the years went by and fans were consistently vocal in wanting to see a port or remaster of the game — and other Atlus favorites — on other platforms.


During the PC Gaming Show last month, eight years after its initial launch, Golden was announced and released for the PC the same day via Steam, finally freeing it up from the Vita and offering a small but encouraging sign that Atlus was becoming more open to porting its existing titles elsewhere.

Catherine: Full Body, an updated and remixed version of the 2011 cult-classic puzzle game in the same vein as Golden, followed up with a solid Nintendo Switch port that released last week.

Speaking of, Soejima also celebrated Full Body’s Switch launch with new artwork.

With all that said, Atlus had already deemed Golden’s PC release a success, even before hitting the 500k mark.


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