Persona 4 Golden Gets its First Update on Steam

Persona 4 Golden Gets its First Update on Steam

Persona 4 Golden gets its first major update on PC to fix some bugs.

Since its Steam release in June of this year, fans of the Persona series, new and old, have been flocking to Persona 4 Golden to enjoy the remaster and gameplay update of the PlayStation Vita JRPG classic. Today, the official ATLUS West twitter account tweeted about the version 1.1 update for P4G.

The bugs that the update address are primarily random crashes, save file corruption, and soft locks, but the full list has more specific items as well. You can read the entire list of updates and fixes right here on the game’s Steam page. Players have been reporting bugs on the Persona 4 Golden Steam forum since its release so it’s nice to know that fixes to the game have been made.

The fan response to Persona 4 Golden‘s Steam release has been overwhelmingly positive, with Atlus tweeting that after just one month, sales for the PC version of the game were over 500,000. This gives fans of the series a lot of hope that other Persona games, mainly Persona 3 and Persona 5/Persona 5 Royal will join Persona 4 Golden on Steam.

While there has been a lot of wishful thinking in comment sections and Persona forums, there have been no official reports of any more Steam ports. However, Sega Sammy’s Haruki Satomi (President and Group COO) and Koichi Fukazawa (Senior Executive Vice President and Group CFO) said that they were “negotiating with platform holders for new games in the future” during an investors Q&A when asked about Steam ports of more games. A response like that definitely instills hope in people waiting for more PC ports or ports to other systems as well.

For more things Persona, make sure to check out our review of Persona 4 Golden and our review of Persona 5 Royal. If you haven’t already you can get a copy of Persona 4 Golden here on Steam and Persona 5 Royal here on Amazon.