Persona 5 x Catherine: Full Body Fan Art Has Me Dreaming of Character Reskins

Persona 5 x Catherine: Full Body Fan Art Has Me Dreaming of Character Reskins

Am I the only one who would pay for a Persona 5 character skin pack in Catherine: Full Body? This fan art may convince you.

If you’re anything like me, you could easily point out your two favorite Atlus IPs: Persona and Catherine. While Catherine: Full Body may be in the news for other reasons, fans of the series have been busy making cool crossover art of the game — including a version that mashes up the puzzle game’s aesthetic with Persona 5.

In celebrating the Japanese release of Catherine: Full Body, a well-regarded freelance illustrator on Twitter — MZ-Yun — posted a quick congratulations to the Atlus development team.

In his Tweet, you can see a pretty masterful mashup of Persona 5 characters roleplaying corresponding characters in Catherine: Full Body:

Playing the various female leads, we have blonde Catherine played by Ann Takamaki, Katherine McBride being portrayed as the more-uptight Makoto Niijima, and the newest romantic option (Rin) being played by Haru Okumura. Obviously, we have the game’s main character Vincent being played by Joker, Persona 5‘s protagonist. And then to fill in the ancillary roles we have Futaba Sakura taking Erica’s spot, and Morgana, Ryuji, and Yusuke taking the spot of sheep in the background.

On one hand, this is simply a fun fan creation — it is almost scary how well the characters and personalities of both games play off each other. On the other hand–is it just me, or would you put down money for a Persona 5 character reskin option in Catherine: Full Body? I’m not usually one for cosmetic DLC, but I would love to play the game again with the Phantom Thieves filling all the roles. (Update: Because the note is apparently necessary, aged appropriately to Catherine‘s characters).

Even better, the team at Atlus could flesh out the concept more. What about Thomas Mutton, aka “Boss” — that sounds like a perfect role fill for the curmudgeon-ish Sojiro Sakura who is similarly a restauranteur that goes by the name “Boss!” I’m practically throwing money at you, Atlus! Make it happen.

While Atlus is snoozing on awesome fan projects, the dedicated Persona community is hard at work keeping the game’s spirit alive as we wait for Persona 5 R. This includes this excellent Futaba cosplay, which re-affirms my belief that she is Best Girl.

Catherine: Full Body is out now in Japan on PS4 and PlayStation Vita, but won’t be coming West until September 3, 2019. Meanwhile, we are still waiting on news of what Persona 5 R is… hopefully, our prediction on when we will hear about more information is spot-on. Meanwhile, feel free to support Atlus by picking up a copy of Catherine: Full Body on Amazon (with the Premium Edition including a sheep plus).

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