Persona 5 Christmas Cakes Match Well With Those Persona 5 Tea Sets

Persona 5 Christmas Cakes Match Well With Those Persona 5 Tea Sets

Persona 5 themed Christmas cakes are coming to take your stomach for the holidays, with 18 unique designs in total.

Remember those Persona 5 themed blended tea sets I reported on a while back? Well now you can have some delicious Persona 5 themed Christmas cakes to go with it, thanks to a set of these very items from Japanese bakery Priroll. Priroll has them available now for preorder on their site until November 25th, with each one running for about $50 each. If you order one at least seven days prior to the date you want them, they’ll come on time.

As a bonus for buyers, star-shaped can badges featuring the same design as the cake you ordered will be included with each purchase. And since it’s a limited time campaign for Christmas, the cakes will have an increased amount of strawberry pulp. Check out the gallery below to see all the possible designs:

According to previous reports, Persona 5 Royal (the updated re-release of the original Persona 5) shipped over 400K copies in its first month in Japan. Royal also topped the sales charts in both Taiwan and South Korea. Plus, it was in the top ten for both the UK and US charts during its opening weeks.

Back in February of this year I was able to sit down with the head of Atlus West PR, Arianne Advincula, for a quick interview. We discussed the challenges faced working with a game that has already been released in Japan, changes in the English localization between the original P5 and Royal, how streaming policies have been handled since its launch in the West, the EFIGS localization, and more.

Recently Persona 5 the Animation received a full Blu-ray boxset release this September, which also included a new English dub featuring the original voice cast.

You can read our review of Persona 5 Royal written by yours truly, in which I state that “Atlus has packed Persona 5 Royal full of new content that is sure to delight newcomers and even veterans of the original with a far more robust experience.” There’s also our post review discussion featuring myself and Video Manager Mario Rivera as we broke down some of our favorite parts of the game. And be sure to check out Staff Writer David Gill’s editorial detailing why the game reminded him of what he missed about college and why Staff Writer Peter Hunt Szpytek felt this was the game he needed in 2020.