Persona 5 Free Costumes Are Bringing the Christmas Spirit to July

Persona 5 Free Costumes Are Bringing the Christmas Spirit to July

ATLUS has provided a new set of free Persona 5 costumes for the Phantom Thieves. This time, they're looking ready for the holidays!

Are you one of those folks still grinding away at your first playthrough of Persona 5? Maybe you’re well on your way to the platinum trophy. Either way, you’re probably in the mood to change up how your characters look right about now. Well, ATLUS has decided to celebrate the holiday season a little early this year and they’ve got a gift for you!

Released today is a new set of costumes for the Persona 5 crew. Specifically, we’re getting a Christmas Costume Set! This set is free on the PlayStation Store both for PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 versions of the game. It includes characters such as Morgana as a snowman, and Ryuji as a menacing Santa Claus.


As for why ATLUS has decided to release this costume set in the middle of July? That’s a little unclear, but we’re thinking it’s probably because most people would “never see it comiiiing!”

In case you didn’t know, another free costume set was recently revealed, allowing the Phantom Thieves to dress-up in maid and butler costumes. There are a plethora of costumes that are available for the game, though you’ll have to pay a price in order to get some of them.

Also, if you were wondering how Persona 5‘s sales have been since the game originally launched back on April 4 in North America and Europe, the game has reportedly shipped a total of 1.5 million copies worldwide.