Persona 5 Has Now Passed 2.7 Million Copies Sold Worldwide

Following the reveal of Persona 5 The Royal, new sales figures for the original game have come to light.

April 24, 2019

Just a few weeks back, we learned that Persona 5 had sold 2.4 million copies as of the January 2019 according to Atlus. These figures were impressive in their own right for a JRPG only available on a single platform, but it seems that this total has since climbed a bit more in the past few months.

Alongside the first official details of Persona 5 The Royal being revealed this morning, new sales figures for the original Persona 5 have also been unveiled. According to the official Japanese Amazon listing for Persona 5 The Royal, the original game has now reportedly surpassed 2.7 million copies sold around the world. This information comes directly from the product’s description on the page and is likely the most updated figure available.

Again, while this might not seem like a very large figure compared to some other games on the market, it’s an incredibly impressive figure for a JRPG, a genre which is usually much more niche. To have nearly reached the 3 million copies sold figure worldwide is a feat that Atlus is certainly pleased with.

While we’ve been getting a lot of Persona 5 news recently, we’re slated to get even more of it soon. Tomorrow, information on Persona 5 S is set to be revealed, the rumored Switch version of the title. Plus, Joker himself just made his way into Super Smash Bros. Ultimate only a week ago. If you’re a big fan of Persona 5, then this is certainly an exciting time.

To read more on today’s reveal of Persona 5 The Royal, you can find some of the first details on the title right here.

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