Persona 5 Goro Akechi Makes His Anime Expo Debut With Nendoroid and Figma Figurines

Goro Akechi from Persona 5 gets two brand new figurines, a Nendoroid and a Figma, as revealed from the recent Anime Expo 2019.

July 14, 2019

There were plenty of surprise announcements during Anime Expo 2019, and one in particular should stand out for fans of both Persona 5 as well as figurine lovers in general (yes I’m well aware that’s a tons of overlap in the venn diagram of interests). Goro Akechi will be getting two new figures — a Nendoroid and a Figma:

The first, done by Max Factory, is fashioned after his incredibly stylish school uniform look. While the second figure is an adorable one with him donning his Phantom Thief outfit during his brief stunt with the group and beyond. Due to the Figma being in early concept phase and the Nendoroid still shown as an uncolored prototype, they have no official pages yet. However, it won’t take long before pre-orders are ready to go, judging from past products with the companies.


This isn’t the only figurine news we’ve gotten recently from Atlus. Wonder Festival 2019 Shanghai revealed some lovely Joker and Noir figurines in early June. Back in May Japan’s Mega Hobby Expo 2019 showcased some amazing beauties including from Good Smile, Max Factory, and Alter. In additional great news Amakuni announced that they would be crafting a figurine of the newest character from Persona 5: Royal, Kasumi Yoshizawa.

Amakuni previously showed off their figurines of Ann TakamakiFutaba Sakura, and Makoto Niijima, as well as a full-color Tae Takemi figurine. The manufacturer also debuted a prototype version of Makoto from Persona 5: Dancing in Starlight.

Recently Atlus released brand new trailers showcasing the party’s dual attacks called Show Time, as well delving into new Persona characteristics, Baton Touch Rank and Technical Rank, and some of the new activities and shops. The first Show Time trailer stars Yusuke and Ryuji, the second show off the pair Anne and Morgana, and the third one features Yusuke and Anne.

We at DualShockers love Persona 5 as much as its very talented and devoted fanbase, judging by our glowing review of the title back in 2017. If you haven’t gotten around to playing yet, you can purchase Persona 5 here.

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