Persona 5's Joker Release Window for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate No Longer Says "April"

Persona 5 hero Joker's release window in the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate DLC trailer no longer says "Approaching April."

March 31, 2019

According to eagle-eyed Twitter user SomeKidNick, the release window for Persona 5 hero Joker as a fighter in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate no longer states the words “Approaching April.” Instead the frame in the DLC reveal trailer merely says “Approaching…” This is an interesting development considering that we are now a mere day away from April. The first screenshot below shows what the trailer looks like now:

And the second screenshot below is what the trailer looked like before:

There are several possible explanations for why Nintendo would go through the trouble of editing the text. The first reason, and one that would occur to many fans, is that Joker’s release is getting pushed back to a later date. I certainly hope this isn’t the case but if the development team does need more time to work on Joker and the other DLC fighters then it’s better to give them that rather then have them push out an inferior product.


The second reason, and the one I personally feel is most likely, is that since its pretty much April already it was changed to avoid sounding redundant. If one were to visit the site during April and see the words “Approaching April” it could look as though Nintendo didn’t even update their own promotional site with pertinent information.

Some theories are even circulating that it could happen on a date significant to the character. Excluding April 1, here are some other April dates with significance in regards to Persona 5:

  • April 9: The day Joker moves into Cafe Leblanc
  • April 11: Joker awakens to his Persona in the first Castle
  • April 18: The tutorial ends and the game starts to open up
  • April 24: The reveal date for more information on Persona 5: The Royal

Unfortunately nothing is set in stone so we’ll just have to wait until Nintendo updates us with more news. Regardless, it seems that we’ve been recently getting plenty of interesting news surrounding the release of Joker for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Earlier today a Best Buy ad revealed his render for the fighting game.

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