Persona 5 Has Now Shipped 2.4 Million Units Worldwide

Persona 5 Has Now Shipped 2.4 Million Units Worldwide

Atlus has recently revealed the latest sales figures for the 2017 JRPG Persona 5.

Today marks the two year anniversary of the release of Persona 5, our 2017 Game of the Year here at DualShockers, and to coincide with this date, we happen to have now learned more about the game’s lifetime sales.

In a translation by way of Persona Central, a new interview with Atlus’ console games director Naoto Hiraoka has revealed that Persona 5 has shipped 2.4 million copies worldwide. These totals are as of January 2019 and show that while sales haven’t increased drastically since May of 2018 when we learned Persona 5 had shipped 2.2 million copies, the game does continue to sell at a steady pace. “Since its launch, we have won many game awards, and received much feedback from fans. The response has been very enthusiastic,” Hiraoka said in the interview.

These new sales figures for Persona 5 are coming to light in a time where interest in the game, or perhaps new iterations of the title, are a hot talking point. Atlus revealed a new teaser for Persona 5 The Royal just a few weeks ago, but additional information on the game has yet to be divulged.

In addition, a new website for Persona 5 S appeared online earlier this week and is set to share more come April 25. Many believe that this title will be a Nintendo Switch version of Persona 5, notably because the game also recently appeared in retailer Best Buy’s internal system as such.

It’s been a very busy couple of weeks for Persona and things are set to get even busier as protagonist Joker is set to arrive in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate soon as well.

There’s a lot going on for Persona 5 fans right now and if both The Royal and P5S end up releasing in the future, you’d imagine that the 2.4 million sales figure will increase quite a bit more. As it stands now though, Persona 5 is available exclusively for the PS4 if you’re looking to jump in sooner rather than later.