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Persona 5 Cosplay of Makoto Has Me Switching Sides in "Best Girl" War

Uncanny cosplay of Persona 5 star Makoto Niijima by Megumi Koneko is arguably the best we've ever seen from the PS4 JRPG.

Make no mistake — three years after the initial launch of Persona 5 and we are still debating on who “best girl” is. While I maintain that gamer shut-in Futaba Sakura is the outranking member of the list, Makoto Niijima fans have always been in the majority. And cosplayer Megumi Koneko may have me switching sides, in her new Persona 5 themed cosplay.

Earlier this week, Megumi Koneko unveiled the picture via her dedicated Instagram account:

While this is far from the first time she has tried tackling Persona 5 and Makoto, it is undeniable that this is her best attempt yet. Made clear in the comparison nearly everything is on-point:

It’s an uncanny real-world recreation of one of the fan favorite characters.

Of course, as I mentioned, this isn’t the first time Megumi has tackled Persona 5 or Makoto. She teased her upcoming Makoto series with an on-brand bookworm-based photo:

And if you are more interested in the headshots to see how the head is done, go ahead and look at the broader photo series:

And though plain-clothed Makoto is inarguably better, we also see her take on Queen — the Phantom Thieves persona:

Make no mistake: I’m still firmly in the Futaba camp. But it’s hard not to appreciate the work and the uncanny similarity that Megumi Koneko threw into these projects.

Speaking of Futaba, last week we saw another terrific cosplay of the Persona 5 geeky redhead that may be the best we’ve seen so far. If we manage to get a Joker, Ryuji, Ann, and rest of the crew, we can effortlessly rebuild the Phantom Thieves.

The hype for fan-creations has been building for some time now — with the imminent announcement of what Persona 5 R “is,” the community is kicking back up with some cool fan-made projects. This includes awesome crossover art between Catherine: Full Body and Persona 5, a fan-made board game, and a visual re-creation of what a Game Boy Advance version of the title will look like.

Meanwhile, despite a multitude of leaks nothing really is known about what Persana 5 R actually is. All we have is a brief announcement teaser (that seems to kill the idea of a Nintendo Switch version of Persona 5).

If you somehow haven’t picked up your copy of Persona 5 yet, you can support Atlus and the franchise by picking up the game on Amazon. Meanwhile, go ahead and support Megumi Koneko by giving her a follow on Instagram (which is occasionally lewd) or support her on Patreon.

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