Persona 5 Official Website Updates With Detailed Protagonists’ Profiles

on September 18, 2015 9:10 PM

Persona 5’s official site updated today with new profile pics and information on the four main protagonists/party members.

Persona 5

First we see Protagonist, who is a 16-year old high school and leader of the thief group. He seems mature at first glance and is currently living with his parents’ friend in a teahouse. The reason for this strange living condition is currently unknown.

Persona 5 (2)

Next is Ryuji Sakamoto, who is also 16 and attending the same high school as Protagonist. He is wild-natured and considered a problem child, which means teachers and advisers constantly watch him. Apparently he wasn’t always like this but the event(s) that changed him aren’t known at this point.

Persona 5 (3)

Ann Takamaki is the same age and attends the same school as the other characters. She is one-quarter American and, due to her differences in apperances compared to the other students, keeps mainly to herself. There’s a strange rumor going around her school but it’s unclear whether it’s true.

Persona 5 (4)

Finally we have Morgana, the most mysterious member of the phantom thief group. She has the height of a child and the vague appearance of a cat. Not much else is know about her.

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