Persona 5 Event Lets Players Attempt to Break In and Out a "Mystery Palace" in Real Life

Persona 5 gets its own Real Escape Game in which you play as the Phantom Thieves and must save a young woman's dream before the time limit.

A young woman who traveled to the United States and passed her movie audition in pursuit of her dream is now trapped in “Tokyo Mystery Palace.” The Phantom Thieves of Persona 5 must now successfully infiltrate, defeat the boss, and recover her dream before it disappears for good.

There’s a new real life escape room challenge event, based off Atlus’s critically acclaimed Persona 5, that’s recently made its debut in Japan. Using the above scenario players must successful solve the dungeon and clear the above conditions in order to win the challenge:

There will be about 90 people participating at the same time each time, broken up into teams of four people each. This means of course that if you want to participate, you must gather three other people to form said team. Each team member then chooses a Phantom Thief to play as. Although so many players will participate during each event time, the game will be different for each one.

The event started on July 25th (Thursday) and will run until November 4th (Monday). The venue is Tokyo Mystery Circus 4F Himitsuki Lab (Small Hall), so if you’ll be in the Tokyo area around this time, it seems to be worth checking out. Instructions from the official site are posted below:

  1. Choose your preferred date and time, then purchase the ticket. Please come to the venue ten minutes before the start time!
  2. Choose which Phantom Thief you’ll play as to solve the mystery before starting. Who are you: JOKER, SKULL, PANTHER, FOX?
  3. Listen to the instructions and notes carefully and start the game.  Within the time limit of 60 minutes you must capture the palace and defeat the boss in order to clear the game!
  4. The navigator Morgana, of course, will meet various people during the game. Cooperate and aim to escape using your own persona!

Naturally there are special items and goods that players are privy to just by holding a ticket. Everyone receives a unique red clipboard on the day of the event and from there you can purchase other merchandise and food from the venue.

Check out the gallery below to see all the goodies that can be had (and for your convenience I left the Google translated text next to each item to better understand what they are):

Recently Atlus released brand new trailers showcasing the party’s dual attacks called Show Time, as well delving into new Persona characteristics, Baton Touch Rank and Technical Rank, and some of the new activities and shops. The first Show Time trailer stars Yusuke and Ryuji, the second show off the pair Anne and Morgana, and the third one features Yusuke and Anne. The latest ones star Futaba Sakura and Haru Okumura.

We at DualShockers love Persona 5 as much as its very talented and devoted fanbase, judging by our glowing review of the title back in 2017. If you haven’t gotten around to playing yet, you can purchase Persona 5 here.

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