Sea Handler Art Turns Persona 5 Into Nostalgic-Looking GBA Game

Artist Sea Handler Art brings you on a Persona 5 themed GBA nostalgia trip as we patiently wait for more Persona 5 R news coming in March 2019.

January 15, 2019

Pixel artist Sea Handler Art posted on their Twitter four illustrations reimagining Atlus’ Persona 5 into a Gameboy Advance game released in 2003.

The first illustration shows the protagonist Joker at the counter of Café Leblanc. The picture is full of small details for fans of Persona 5, down to the crosswords book on the leftmost table. Another detail is present as well, which I can’t detail without delving into spoilers.

The second picture features the Velvet Room, with Igor, Justine, and Caroline. It seems Joker just fused Lachesis, which is pretty well represented and easily recognizable. Though you can easily guess her identity by reading the dialogue box, with its font reminiscent of most GBA games’ English localizations.


The third illustration has Joker and his party members resting in one of the Mementos’ safe areas.

Last but not least, the final artwork features the first boss battle of the game, giving us an impression on how Persona 5‘s iconic battle Graphic User Interface could look like if it was a more traditional RPG on GBA.

A few weeks ago, Sea Handler Art had also pixelized the whole Shopping District map from Persona 4I’m looking forward to what kind of other Persona turned pixel-art ideas they have in reserve. Trying to adapt the game’s cool menus into pixel-art era menus might be a great challenge to undertake.

As for Persona 5, the game may be out for more than two years now for PS3 and PS4, and maybe for PC soon, it is still fresh in everyone’s memories. Thanks to its anime adaptation which sadly was far from perfect, but still pretty fun at times, the announcement of Joker as a DLC character for Super Smash Bros Ultimate, his inclusion in first-print copies of Catherine: Full Body in Japan, and of course, the official announcement of Persona 5 R. 

Persona 5 R will get more information in March, but I’m pretty sure it stands for Persona 5 Racing, featuring ace driver Joker and his trusty co-driver Goro, as they travel the world participating in any motorsports from official Rally championships to clandestine races, delivering justice with the power of drifting as Eurobeat plays.

Iyane Agossah

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