Persona 5 R Officially Confirmed for PS4 with Teaser Trailer; More Information Coming in March 2019

The long-rumored Persona 5 R has officially been confirmed by Atlus for PS4, with more information on the project to be revealed this coming March.

December 30, 2018

As one of the most acclaimed games of last year, Persona 5 took our hearts with its stylish visuals and deep JRPG mechanics, and now it appears that those that either want to head back to its Japanese high school charms (or dive in for the first time) can look forward to the upcoming Persona 5 R.

After several rumors and hints that cropped up in the past few weeks, Atlus has officially revealed Persona 5 R, which (at this time) is unknown exactly what it is just yet, but our best guess is that it would be a new version of the game similar to Persona 4 Golden that would deliver new features and content to the original Persona 5.


According to the teaser trailer released by Atlus, Persona 5 R will be coming to PS4 for certain, though no confirmation has arrived yet on whether or not it may also come to Nintendo Switch as hoped for by fans, and especially after the reveal that Persona 5‘s Joker will be coming to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

A new version of Persona 5 has been heavily rumored throughout the month of December, mainly due to the existence of a registered webpage from Atlus and SEGA that seemed to suggest that an announcement was on the horizon. With the website having a security certificate and more, it seemed that it was more than just Atlus trying to secure a domain and that instead, as we’ve seen, that Persona 5 R is actually on the way.

For a closer look at Persona 5 R, you can check out the teaser trailer from Atlus below:

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