Atlus Confirms Persona 5 R News Coming on March 23

Atlus Confirms Persona 5 R News Coming on March 23

Can't wait for Atlus to reveal this weekend the first Persona street racing game, Persona 5 Racing All Night, with a full Eurobeat OST.

Just like everyone and their cat guessed, new information on Persona 5 R will be coming on March 23.

Atlus, or Morgana if you believe in the Phantom Thieves, confirmed on the official Persona promotional Twitter account that Persona 5 R new information will be revealed at the end of the Persona 5 The Animation Stars and Ours anime special, which will conclude the anime adaptation. Or at least the main story part of it, as a new OVA focusing on Joker and Goro was also announced, “Persona 5  The Animation Proof of Justice“, and will be included in volume 11 of the anime’s disc release in Japan.

Stars and Ours airs on March 23 20:00 JST in Japan and will also be made available on Crunchyroll on March 23.

Persona 5 R was revealed following the previous anime special which aired in December 2018.

The only thing we know for sure about Persona 5 R is how it’s releasing on PS4. Since Joker is coming to Smash Ultimate before the end of April and Sakurai even did a Persona-themed interview, many believe the game will be announced for Switch as well, but nothing is certain. In any case, there are only a few hours left now to make your bets as to what Persona 5 R could turn out to be.

I’ll be watching Stars and Ours live, so when the anime ends and Atlus and Sega reveals the R stands for Racing All Night you’ll hear about it here asap.