Persona 5 Royal New Gameplay Features Joker and Akechi

New Persona 5 Royal event with Joker and Goro hanging out. While short, it still tells a lot about the two.

Atlus published another one of those short Persona 5 Royal gameplay videos, this time showing Joker and Goro hanging out. Goro having actual confidant events is one of the new features in this enhanced version.

Goro mentions he really wanted to eat this place’s cake, Joker can either ask if Goro is into sweets or if he’s a regular at this café. He picks the later. Goro answers he only learned about this shop recently. He adds that everyone is into the same things nowadays, and how the shop seems more popular because of everyone talking about it rather than the quality of the cakes themselves.

This is only an excerpt of that full scene but you can still make some nice reasonings with it. Goro is hinting that the reason behind most of his public actions, food-related stuff especially, is to have topics to chat about later and fit in. And how he indirectly tells that to Joker also shows how he trusts him to a certain extent and really wants to be his friend.

Similarly to the anime adaptation, Persona 5 Royal seems to have many newly added Joker x Goro fanservice scenes, like them lying down together in the opening animation or their encounter in the baths.

PS4 exclusive Persona 5 Royal launches on October 31 in Japan and in Spring 2020 in the west. As I’m planning to get the game in Japanese, you should look forward to our coverage and gameplay of it in early November. A feature answering if I felt like Persona 5 Royal’s additions were worth my time or not, despite having spent over 120 hours on the original, will probably be coming then as well.

New info and gameplay will be coming through the next live stream on September 27.

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