Persona 5 Royal Screenshots Details Akechi's Confidant Events, Haru's New Persona

New Persona 5 Royal screenshots also give us a glimpse of the new January to April playable part.

August 7, 2019

Atlus revealed artwork and screenshots for Persona 5 Royal. It shows Morgana, Futaba, Makoto, and Haru along with their new personas. Details on the new confidant events with Akechi and the new January to April playable part were shared as well.

We already saw the new personas for Morgana, Makoto, and Futaba in the latest trailer, but it’s the first time we get to see Haru’s new persona, Lucy. Haru’s new persona is named after Lucy Hay, the countess who inspired Alexandre Dumas for the character of Milady in his The Three Musketeers novel.

Atlus also revealed screenshots for some of Akechi’s new confidant scenes. As you already know, in the original Persona 5, Akechi confidant rank would automatically level up as you progressed through the main story. In Persona 5 Royal, Joker can now hang out together with Akechi during the main story, just like the other confidant characters. Akechi now has actual confidant events and new confidant skills. One of those is “Detective’s Eye”, which reveals an enemy’s weakness at the beginning of the battle.

New screenshots for the January to April new playable part were also revealed. As a reminder, Atlus calls this part “third semester” in Japanese. I call it “January to April” for clarity as that’s when the third semester happens in the Japanese school system. However, Atlus didn’t confirm yet how long the new playable part is. What we know though is that it’s bigger than the content added in Persona 4 Golden.

Anyway, the screenshots show Morgana in human form, with the comments mentioning how Morgana always wanted to become human. (It also officially confirms this is Morgana, in the past, he was only called “hot guy”). We also see Futaba’s mom Wakaba. Then there’s Haru helping out her dad. Lastly, Makoto is talking in a way revealing that her father is still alive. Atlus is further hinting that the new part is taking place in an alternate reality where each character got a seemingly happier life. The screenshots also show the new Palace, mentioning it becomes accessible during this new January to April part, and how it has a different atmosphere than the other Palaces.

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An artwork for new character José is also included, along with an explanation of the new Mementos mechanics. It also reveals José is voiced by Yukiko Morishita. You can read more about the new Mementos stuff and a bunch of other things with our summary of the first Persona 5 Royal stream, which also included a trailer for Akechi. 

The screenshots are included below. Atlus also recently revealed that we’ll have more time for night activities in Persona 5 Royal. Morgana will be less insistent when it comes to sleeping, removing one of the biggest complaints about the original game.

PS4 exclusive Persona 5 Royal launches on October 31 in Japan and sometime in 2020 in the west.

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