Persona 5 Royal Introduces Anne’s Duo Attack with Morgana and New Event Scenes

Persona 5 Royal Introduces Anne’s Duo Attack with Morgana and New Event Scenes

The latest Persona 5 Royal trailer shows some of Anne's new attacks and her hanging out with Shiho and Joker.

Atlus has been publishing once per week a new trailer for PS4 exclusive Persona 5 Royal, reintroducing the Phantom Thieves. The very first trailer last week focused on Ryuji. And a trailer for new character Kasumi was shown some weeks ago as well. The new trailer we’ve got this week features Anne.

The trailer shows some of the new public cleaning school event, with Anne explaining to some Shujin students how to properly handle certain types of trash. One of the girls tells Anne she’s super lively and how that’d make her a great wife. Would be interesting to see the continuation of this scene when the game releases.

The scene moves on to the new January to April playable part. Anne is hanging out with Shiho and they’re chatting with Joker, which they seem to have coincidentally met. Anne gushes about how awesome Shiho has been doing lately, being the ace of her new volleyball team and doing great at tournaments, making her proud as her friend. Shiho is embarrassed and says Anne is exaggerating.

The next scene is Joker hanging out at Anne’s place after she suddenly invited him to talk about something. The Phantom Thieves’ rooms were unseen in the original game, though we saw them later in Persona 5 Dancing Star Night. I have to say I’m a bit disappointed and sad that most of the new scenes they showed aren’t fully voiced.

We also see Anne and Morgana’s new combination attack, and one of Anne’s new skills, which inflicts charm status. Unlike Ryuji’s trailer, we didn’t get to see Anne’s new persona. Her new casual clothes are super cute though.

Persona 5 Royal launches on October 31 in Japan and in 2020 in the west.