Persona 5 Royal Event at Tokyo Game Show 2019 Reveals Challenge Battle Gameplay (Updated)

Joker's voice actor Jun Fukuyama played Persona 5 Royal's Challenge Battles live at TGS 2019.

September 14, 2019

Sega and Atlus held a Persona 5 Royal event on the third day of Tokyo Game Show 2019. The event featured the seiyuu Ikue Otani (Morgana), Yumi Uchiyama (Ichiko) Tomomi Isomura (Hifumi), and Jun Fukuyama (Joker). Producer Wada was present as well. Later on, they were also joined by Joker’s actor Hiroki Ino in the Persona 5 stage play adaptation.

It was the first time Ichiko’s seiyuu Yumi Uchiyama ever appeared on a Persona 5 event. The beginning of the show was everyone recapping stuff we already know, as always with these types of events.

After that, Fukujun started playing the new Challenge Battles. He played the original game for over 120 hours so he knew what he was doing. For now, you can find a recording of the gameplay below. We’ll replace it with the official stream when it becomes archived.


Producer Wada didn’t reveal when Challenge Battles unlock in the game, claiming he doesn’t remember. He also mentioned how you can’t use all-out attack during challenge battles even after downing all enemies.

Persona 5 Royal is also getting limited PS4s and controllers. The game’s opening anime movie was also recently revealed.

Persona 5 Royal launches next month in Japan, on October 31. The game is coming in Spring 2020 in the westPersona 5 Royal is a PS4 exclusive.

Tokyo Game Show 2019 is ongoing until September 15. You can check our schedule here.

Update: Replaced the bad recording with the official stream now that it became archived.

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