Persona 5 Royal Will Have Multiple Different Trophies From Original Game

Persona 5 Royal Will Have Multiple Different Trophies From Original Game

Surprising no one nor their cats, Morgana explained with a new screenshot that all trophies need to be earned again in Persona 5 Royal.

Remember how we reported Atlus is accepting random remarks or questions regarding Persona 5 Royal, and how Morgana will answer some of the questions on Twitter? The first question has been published, and it concerns Persona 5 Royal‘s trophies.

Someone asked Morgana if trophies earned on the original Persona 5 will be earned automatically in Persona 5 Royal. I can definitely see where they’re coming from, as some trophies like crafting every single tool once are a hassle.

Morgana answered that as both games are pretty different, some of the trophies are different in Persona 5 Royal, so it won’t take into account the trophies one already got on the original game. They’ll have to steal their trophies back. As a reminder, it has also already been confirmed that saves can’t be transferred, but having a PS4 Persona 5 save will unlock some kind of bonus.

In any case, that was a pretty obvious answer that anyone and their cat could have guessed, but it’s still good to know.

Together with the answer, Morgana published a new Persona 5 Royal screenshot showing a battle in the first dungeon. The trophy earned is one of the new trophies, which I’d translate to”Let’s Get Wild (And Tough)”, and which probably involves shooting a lot of times in the same battle to unlock.

Personally, I’ve never really cared about trophies, and most of the time, fully 100% clearing a game doesn’t necessarily mean getting all trophies. Especially when it comes to tedious and uninteresting stuff like that “Create all types of infiltration tools” trophy. That felt particularly pointless as I didn’t need most of those tools. The “buy all type of drinks at least once” trophy is tedious too, but I remember getting it naturally as I played.

The next Morgana’s Report stream, with new information and gameplay on Persona 5 Royal, should be coming in the next few days. We’ve covered the previous gameplay sequences revealed.

Persona 5 Royal launches on PS4 on October 31 in Japan, in 2020 in the west.