More Persona 5 Royal Gameplay and Info Coming on September 27

More Persona 5 Royal Gameplay and Info Coming on September 27

The next Persona 5 Royal stream will feature most popular cosplayer ever Enako.

Sega and Atlus announced the next Persona 5 Royal stream will be held on September 27, at 20:00 JST (Click here for some time conversions). It was also announced Enako, the most famous cosplayer in Japan, will be appearing on stream, probably cosplaying Kasumi.

Needless to say, we’ll be covering this stream as always, with a summary and a translation of whatever they’ll say. Atlus already revealed a lot on the game though, so I’m not sure what’s left for us to see now, one month before its Japanese release.

To be honest, while I’m excited for Persona 5 Royal, none of what they showed about the game so far was surprising. Atlus, in the end, added the exact same type of content they added back in Persona 4 Golden, but bigger and better, like the new playable part starting January. Now I’m waiting to see if Kasumi and the new part and Palace’s story will be worth it.
If not for the fact that I purposefully only did one playthrough of the original game, where I only maxed all coops and didn’t do all of the other side content from games to movies, I really wouldn’t be interested. There’s also the fact that Persona 5 Royal is really expensive in Japan, especially digitally (9504 Yen), but that’s the norm for a lot of Sega related games nowadays. As such, I’ll probably be writing a short review of the game after its Japanese release, answering if in my opinion, the new content felt worthwhile of my time or not, so stay tuned then.

Some of the Persona characters are getting into Star Ocean Anamnesis this October. Joker’s seiyuu Fukujun played the new Challenge Battles mode live at Tokyo Game Show 2019. Persona 5 Royal’s opening anime movie was also recently revealed. Lastly, you should check out our coverage of the previous stream.

Persona 5 Royal launches on October 31 in Japan and in Spring 2020 in the west.

As a side note, Persona 1 also celebrated its 23rd anniversary on September 20, 2019.