Persona 5 Royal New Gameplay Explains Show Time Combination Attacks, New Activities

Morgana explained on stream the new persona characteristics, Baton Touch Rank and Technical Rank, and showed some of the new activities and shops.

July 11, 2019

Atlus aired Morgana’s Report episode 3, with Morgana explaining and revealing more of the new elements of Persona 5 Royal.

The first thing explained by Morgana is how the combination attacks we’ve seen in  Ryuji’s, Ann’s  Yusuke’s trailers are called Show Time. These are powerful and beautiful attacks unlocked as the Phantom Thieves deepen their bonds.

Next, we also learned how personas now hold an additional special characteristic with different effects. For example, Makoto ‘s Johanna seems to boost her power when she uses physical skills. All personas used by Joker also have these special characteristics, and just like skills, they can be transferred when fusing a new persona.


In the original Persona 5, chaining Baton Touch would just make the characters deal more damage or heal more, but now the 4th and last Baton Touch party member will be able to use all their skills with no HP or SP cost. Moreover, each party member now have a Baton Touch Rank which adds more effects when they get Baton Touch.

  • Baton Touch Rank 1: damage boost.
  • Baton Touch Rank 2: big damage boost+ HP Recovery
  • Baton Touch Rank 3: super big damage boost+ HP Recovery + SP recovery

Baton Touch Rank can be upgraded with certain everyday activities like playing Darts together at Kichijoji.

Next, Morgana answered some of the questions people sent in. Again, most of it are things we already knew but weren’t officially confirmed yet. He mentioned how Persona 5 Royal doesn’t have huge changes to the story featured in Persona 5 but will show us many elements we didn’t see in the original.

Morgana also confirmed that Persona 5 Royal includes brand new personas, and showed this new one with a screenshot.

Next, we saw more of one of the new areas, Kichijoji, and the different effects of some of the activities available there. Playing Darts with a party member will increase their Baton Touch Rank. Meanwhile, playing Billiard can not only raise Joker’s Social Stats but also raise something new called the Technical Rank. The Technical Rank is shared by everyone and ups the power of Technical related damage and the probability to Down enemies. We’ve also got a Jazz Club, and inviting a party member there gives them a certain amount of exp. Joker can also meditate at a temple to increase his max SP.

We can also sell the equipment obtained in dungeons to a new Vintage Cloth Shop. Joker sells the clothes for money and points, which can be exchanged for items. Persona 5 Royal has many other new shops, but Morgana said we’ll have to play the game to see them all.

At the end of the stream, Morgana also mentioned how there’s a certain thing about the end of Ryuji’s trailer which feels weird, further hinting at the veracity of a certain theory regarding the new January to April part that’s been easy to make since Persona 5 Royal got announced. The last scene in Yusuke’s trailer also points out to this theory or at least something similar.

PS4 exclusive Persona 5 Royal launches on October 31 in Japan and in 2020 in the west. Pretty much like every popular anime or game in Japan nowadays, the original Persona 5 is also getting a Stage Play.

Iyane Agossah

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