Persona 5 Royal Haru Introduction Trailer Shows Her Show Time Attack with Morgana

Haru Okumura's introduction trailer all but confirm a certain theory about the new January to April part.

July 26, 2019

Atlus published the Persona 5 Royal trailer introducing Haru Okumura. We got two introduction trailers this week.

The trailer starts with a scene happening during the new group cleaning school event happening in May, Haru asks Mishima if she can get the plastic bottle he was about to throw out. Mishima thinks she collects them, but actually, she’s gathering them to give it to a recycling company. Recycling money is used to buy vaccines for NPOs around the world. Mishima is moved and thinks Haru is doing it for justice or whatever, but she calls him weird.

The next scene is Haru meeting with Morgana and Joker at their place. She tells Morgana she got an idea for a Show Time attack. The scene cuts the explanation, and Morgana says her idea is the complete opposite of the gentle expression she’s making.


Next, we see more of Haru and Morgana’s Show Time attack, which was slightly shown in the first trailer.

The last scene in the trailer shows Haru and Joker chatting with Haru’s father. The scene is set in the new January to April part, as they wear their new winter casual clothes. President Okumura mentions how rare it is for Haru to be hanging out with a male friend,  teasing her about whether he’s only a friend or not. The theory many had since the first trailer is all but confirmed now.

Persona 5 Royal will have a huge stream on August 2 where they’ll reveal more about the game. Persona 5 Royal’s second full-length trailer should be revealed there.

Ryuji’s, Ann’s and Yusuke’s new personas were detailed in screenshots. The previous character introduction trailer so far includes Kasumi, Ryuji, Ann, Yusuke, Makoto. and Futaba.

Persona 5 Royal launches on October 31 in Japan, in 2020 in the west. Persona 5 Royal is a PS4 exclusive.

Iyane Agossah

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