More Persona 5 Royal Info Coming on July 11; In-Game Reason Why Guns Get Reloaded After Battle Explained

More Persona 5 Royal Info Coming on July 11; In-Game Reason Why Guns Get Reloaded After Battle Explained

Morgana's Report episode 3 will be streamed on July 11, revealing more of Persona 5 Royal's new gameplay elements.

Atlus announced the next episode of Morgana’s Report will be streamed on July 11 at 18:00 JST. There are plenty of things that were revealed about Persona 5 Royal but still undetailed, like the Velvet Room’s new Fusion Alarm function, so we might learn more during this stream. Meanwhile, you can check out our coverage of episode 1 and episode 2.

Surprisingly, Atlus also revealed that there’s an actual story reason behind one of Persona 5 Royal’s biggest changes in gameplay, how guns will get their bullets back after each battle.

Note that the following can be considered spoilers if you’ve never played the original Persona 5.

Atlus published a short video on Twitter from the beginning of the game, right after Joker awakened Arsène in Kamoshida’s Palace.

In the dialogue, Morgana explains to Joker and Ryuji how guns are effective because they look real. Seeing the Palaces are in a cognitive world, if the enemies think the guns are real and can get hurt by these guns, they will. So far, this is what was explained in the original Persona 5 as well.

However, the dialogue then changes compared to the original version. Morgana explains how most enemies would expect Joker to have reloaded his gun beforehand if he decides to whip it out in battle. Because of the enemies’ cognition affecting the cognitive world too, Joker and co’s guns get their bullets back after each battle.

Through the original Persona 5, a lot of things about the cognitive world are never explicitly stated like that but can easily be guessed. I personally kinda liked how they never blatantly explained how the Phantom Thieves can do over five meters jumps and stuff, assuming players get that it’s a cognitive world. I personally prefer subtlety over every single thing getting an explanation, so it’ll be interesting to see if they changed that in Persona 5 Royal or not.

Persona 5 Royal launches on PS4 on October 31 in Japan and in 2020 in the west. Atlus is publishing character introduction trailers for the characters. There’s one for Kasumi, one for Ryuji, one for Ann and one for Yusuke.