Persona 5 Royal Latest Information and First Live Gameplay Coming on August 2

Persona 5 Royal will get more information and live gameplay on August 2 during a livestream.

July 25, 2019

Atlus announced on the official Japanese Persona Twitter a Persona 5 Royal stream. The stream will be held on August 2, at 20:00 JST (Click this for a table with all timezones). The stream will include new information on Persona 5 Royal, along with first live gameplay.

The stream will have Chiaki Matsuzawa as MC and Mafia Kajita as a guest. Both are regularly appearing on Atlus related streams so you probably know them already. They used to regularly appear on streams for the original Persona 5 too.

This stream is the first big event related to Persona 5 Royal since the game got its first trailer revealed at the Persona Super Live P-Sound Street 2019 concert in April. An English dubbed version of the trailer was later shown at E3 2019.


It’s highly likely Atlus and Sega will reveal the second full-length trailer for Persona 5 Royal during this stream.

While I’m pretty excited for Persona 5 Royal, nearly everything revealed about the game so far are additions anyone could have guessed seeing what was added in Persona 4 Golden. Though the new content in Persona 5 Royal is much bigger. I’m hoping for some big surprises that will truly make it worthwhile replaying the game.

Previous info and gameplay on Persona 5 Royal were revealed through the “Morgana’s Report” videos. Here’s the first one, the second one, and the third one.

Ryuji’s, Ann’s and Yusuke’s new personas were detailed in screenshots. The character introduction trailer so far includes KasumiRyuji, Ann, Yusuke, Makoto, and Futaba.

PS4 exclusive Persona 5 Royal launches on October 31 in Japan and sometime in 2020 in the west.

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