Persona 5 Royal Reintroduces Protagonist Joker with a New Gameplay Trailer

Persona 5 Royal Reintroduces Protagonist Joker with a New Gameplay Trailer

Joker spent too much time in Persona 5 Dancing Star Night and pulls off crazy dancing moves in his Persona 5 Royal intro trailer.

Atlus held on August 30 a Persona 5 Royal event at Billboard Live Tokyo. During the event, Atlus revealed the third full-length trailer for  Persona 5 Royal, and a new teaser trailer for Persona 5 Scramble The Phantom Strikers. Lastly, Atlus also revealed the Persona 5 Royal introduction trailer for Joker.

The trailer starts by showing Joker and Kasumi together at a concert for the school cultural festival. Kasumi is starting to dance in the audience, so Joker literally unleashes the groove of his life, leaving Kasumi so shocked she stops dancing herself.
The scene then changes to Joker, Justine, and Caroline at the gym, showing once again how Joker can now hang out with them outside the Velvet room. Similar to Persona 3‘s protagonist explaining the world to Elizabeth, Justine and Caroline are clueless about the real world. When he gets asked about the bench press, Joker can either answer “well it’s a bench press” or “a tool to train your upper body”. Joker is the one who ends up as their guinea pig to try things out though.
The scene then switches to everyone hanging out playing billiards. You don’t really need a translation to understand what happens there.

Lastly, we see Joker in battle. Goro’s in the party as well, allowing us to see his new all-out attack portrait for the first time.

All of the party members now got a new introduction trailer for Persona 5 Royal: KasumiRyuji, Ann, Yusuke, Makoto. Futaba, Haru, and Morgana. Goro’s trailer was shown during the game’s first live stream, where Atlus most notably talked about streaming restrictions.

PS4 exclusive Persona 5 Royal launches on October 31 in Japan and in Spring 2020 in the west.