Persona 5 Royal Newest Gameplay Reveals Kasumi’s Persona (Updated)

Persona 5 Royal Newest Gameplay Reveals Kasumi’s Persona (Updated)

Kasumi Yoshizawa's introduction video reveals multiple facets of her personality along with her persona Cendrillon.

Atlus launched another new gameplay video for Persona 5 Royal, showcasing new character Kasumi Yoshizawa. We get to see multiple parts of the school-life events featuring Kasumi, her all-out attack finisher and some more cute scenes with her.

The first scene is Kasumi saying she’ll definitely payback Joker for all the times he’s helped her. Next, we see the pair at the batting center, with Kasumi trying to show off but failing miserably. perhaps hinting she’s not that good at sports other than rhythm gymnastics. Another scene shows her playful side and how she tries surprising joker during the Hawaii trip. We also see her huge appetite again and how she’s still hungry right after eating multiple dishes.

Kasumi’s persona awakening scene is shown as well, revealing her persona, Cendrillon. Unlike all the other characters’ personas, Cendrillon isn’t particularly known for her stealing skills, so I’m looking forward as to why Atlus went with that choice.

Kasumi Yoshizawa’s introduction video is included below. More information and even more footage of Persona 5 R should be coming with the second Morgana’s Report stream in a few days.

Persona 5 Royal launches on October 31 in Japan, and in 2020 in the west, exclusively on PS4. Persona 5 Royal seems to have so much new content I’m kind of worried the western version will take a while to be ready. Would be great if a release date was announced during E3.

Update: We’ve translated the video.