Ask Your Persona 5 Royal Questions to Morgana

Ask Your Persona 5 Royal Questions to Morgana

You can send in anything from Persona 5 Royal pertinent gameplay questions to "Yusuke is the coolest".

Want to know how much more screentime you-know-who will have in the new January to April playable part? Always wondered how many hours a day Yusuke sleeps? How many trophies did Kasumi win so far in rhythm gymnastics? We can now ask Morgana everything.

Atlus opened a “Send your questions to Morgana page” where Persona 5 fans can send in anything from actual questions to simple remarks such as “All the Persona 5 characters are great, but Kawakami sensei is the greatest”. Messages of support for the development team are welcomed too. You can easily navigate it with google translate, but basically, all fields are mandatory to fill and asks:

  1. Your nickname (30 characters max)
  2. Your nickname written in Furigana (50 characters max)
  3. Your Twitter or mail (won’t be publicized)
  4. Confirm your Twitter or mail
  5. Your question or message (200 characters max)

There’s a high chance only questions written in Japanese will be considered but you can always try. You might want to read everything we know about Persona 5 Royal so far before thinking your question up.

Atlus will publish and answer selected questions on the official Twitter.

I’m personally going to ask if actual sound settings will be added in Persona 5 Royal. The one thing that annoyed me about the original isn’t Morgana telling me to sleep, it’s how there was no way to regulate the BGM, SFX and voices volumes in a 2016 game.

Persona 5 Royal launches on PS4 in Japan on October 31, and in 2020 in the west. You can check out the latest gameplay videos here and here.