Persona 5 Royal Gets New Gameplay with Morgana Virtual YouTuber Video

Persona 5 Royal Gets New Gameplay with Morgana Virtual YouTuber Video

Atlus will regularly reveal new Persona 5 Royal gameplay with Morgana's Reports.

Atlus revealed that more information on Persona 5 Royale will be published through Morgana MC’ed videos, called “Morgana’s Report”. The videos will be first published on the Persona Japanese Twitter through Periscope streams. The first episode was launched today, on May 9, and can be found below. Here’s a translation of what happens in it, as subtitling the video and re-uploading it on YouTube would get me a guaranteed strike.

Morgana starts by introducing himself. He heard that nowadays a lot of humans watch streams so he decided to try streaming too. Atlus is basically using him as a Virtual YouTuber. Morgana says that he received new Persona 5 Royal footage and will show it to us through his streams. He doesn’t watch the footage beforehand though, so he himself doesn’t know what will be shown. Overall, what was shown in this first Morgana Report episode are scenes the previously revealed screenshots are from.

The first part of the video focuses on the new story and characters elements revealed so far. We got to see a part of the first meeting between Joker and new character Kasumi Yoshizawa. Joker helps her when some creep is bothering her. The scene then changes to a battle scene with Kasumi in the party. Maruki, the school’s new consultant and one of the new confidants, is introduced too. Morgana gets jealous at how Maruki gets to meet Ann for consulting.  The next scenes show some of the new daily life events additions in Persona 5 Royal: the new school events and the playable January to April part.

The second part of the video focuses on the new daily activities and Phantom Thieves activities added in Persona 5 Royal. It overall shows the same gameplay scenes we’ve seen in the first trailer but with in-game sound. Morgana funnily imagines how much sushi all the aquarium fishes would make. Some of the new Velvet Room functions and new dungeon gimmicks are teased too. The new Velvet Room function is named “Fusion Alarm” but what it does still wasn’t revealed. Overall, nothing big is actually revealed.

Sadly, Morgana didn’t say when he’ll stream again.

Persona 5 Royal launches on PS4 on October 31 in Japan and in 2020 in the west. Most of the game’s new additions were listed, and an interview with the staff revealed more information, like bonuses for people with original Persona 5 saves.