Persona 5 Royal Finally Lets You Give Gifts to Male Characters

New Persona 5 Royal details reveal you'll finally be able to gift mini cactuses, fountain pens and book covers to Yusuke.

This week’s Famitsu included new details on Persona 5 Royal, with an interview with the staff, as the game is launching today in Japan. Atlus revealed elements they kept quiet about until now.

Most notably we learned Joker can now give presents to male characters as well. That was one of the small faults in the original game. It was pretty annoying when you first splurged on presents, without knowing you could only give them to female characters.

We also learned that certain confidants won’t be able to be ranked up anymore in the new playable part starting in January. The game will warn you though. The staff also mentioned an easy way to max all confidants in a single playthrough is to properly answer calls from the confidant characters.

The staff also stated in the interview that Persona 5 Royal is so different “you’d better forget all the walkthrough tips and tricks you did in the original”. I definitely think they’re exaggerating, but they mentioned there are certain things that were possible in the original which won’t be possible in P5R. One of these is using the Family Restaurant. While the restaurant itself still appears in some scenes, players can’t study there anymore. Apparently it was removed so the game doesn’t have too many different activity choices, to avoid confusing players. It makes sense as they added many other activities.

We also learned that Persona 5 Royal’s development began before Persona 5 Dancing Star Night‘s development. Lastly, a certain thing was changed about the infiltration mechanic: When using a cover, you can now switch to another cover even if there’s an enemy in the trajectory. Joker will simply pass through them.

These are all pretty nice changes, especially the presents thing, and I’m surprised Atlus never brought it up until now. I already bought Persona 5 Royal anyway. However, if I heard all this a few months ago, maybe I wouldn’t have the impression Persona 5 Royal is pretty unsurprising. As all the additions, like adding Kasumi, a new female character, are things Atlus always does with their upgraded versions. Right now I’m way more hyped for Persona 5 Scramble, as it is a surprising game, being an actual sequel.

In any case, I’ll be playing Persona 5 Royal and share my impressions in the next few days. Atlus also detailed the streaming restrictions for Persona 5 Royal, you can read them in detail here.

Persona 5 Royal launches in Spring 2020 in the west, exclusively on PS4. Later on, Persona 5 Scramble will launch on February 20 in Japan on PS4 and Switch. The game has no western announcement for now.

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