Persona 5 Royal Has New Elements Regarding a Certain Character, New Mechanics Explained with Gameplay

Persona 5 Royal Has New Elements Regarding a Certain Character, New Mechanics Explained with Gameplay

Guns get their ammo back after each battle and have new customization choices, the Lupin wire can be used to ambush enemies.

Atlus aired the Morgana’s Report #2 video, revealing many additional details on Persona 5 Royal.

Here’s all the new info from Morgana.

Kasumi’s confident is represented by the tarot card “La Foi”, which is “faith” in French.

Kasumi’s Persona Cendrillon uses Bless attributes skills and Physical attributes skills. Morgana also reiterates that “Kasumi could be an enemy or ally”, as there is some kind of friction between her and the phantom thieves initially, as heard in the first trailer’s dialogue.

Persona 5 Royal has a gallery like-mode that will allow us to rewatch cutscenes and such.

Persona 5 Royal will also have “new elements regarding Akechi Goro”.

New elements regarding dungeons and battles were explained. The new “Kyoma”, stronger type of enemies systematically counterattack when they’re attacked, even if they were hit by a multi-target skill. They drop very rare items if you manage to defeat them, however.

The “volition treasures” were also explained. These are special treasures separated into multiples parts in dungeons. If you manage to find all parts of a volition treasure, it fuses into an accessory. These accessories unlock powerful skills on the character who equips them. Basically, it’ll allow characters to use skills they usually don’t learn. The video shows an accessory which grants Diarama. I sure hope there’s one for Charge and one for Concentrate so I can give them to Yusuke and Haru respectively.


All party members also have new casual clothes outfits in Persona 5 Royal, A new screenshot showing one of Haru’s new outfits was shown.

The Lupin the Third-like wire actions are used to avoid traps or reach new places. The wire can also be used to ambush enemies from a distance. Using the wire on enemies to trigger encounters is the skill unlocked after reaching confidant level 4 with Kasumi.

The gun customization system has now more depth with even more customization choices. This includes making your gun shoot ammo with debuff or status effects.

Unlike the original game, In Persona 5 Royal, guns will also get their ammo back after each battle, allowing players to use them way more often.

PS4 exclusive Persona 5 Royal launches on October 31 in Japan, in 2020 in the west.

Kasumi’s intro video is also included below if you haven’t seen it yet.