Persona 5 Royal New Palace Treasure Mechanic Explained by Morgana

Persona 5 Royal New Palace Treasure Mechanic Explained by Morgana

Atlus revealed another short Persona 5 Royal gameplay video with Morgana explaining to the Phantom Thieves how the new Palace treasures work.

Atlus published yet another short gameplay video for Persona 5 Royal on the official Persona Twitter. This time, it’s a scene from the beginning of the game, with Morgana explaining to Joker, Ryuji, and Ann, what are “volition treasures”. Note that this can be considered spoilers if you’ve never played the original Persona 5.

Morgana starts by explaining how Palaces have a master, and the Palace represents their twisted way of viewing a certain place in the real world. He adds that this twistedness can accumulate inside Palaces, and form what he calls “volition treasures”. As usual, Ryuji doesn’t get it, so Morgana proposes to explain it again, but Ryuji quickly turns him down.

It’s also worth noting the sequence reveals one of Ryuji’s and Morgana’s new portraits. Persona 5 Royal‘s staff previously stated in a Famitsu interview Soejima and the art team made plenty of new portraits and illustrations cut-ins for the game.

“Volition treasures” were introduced in the second Morgana Report video. These Treasures are scattered into multiple parts in a Palace, and finding all parts makes them fuse into an accessory. These accessories are special as they allow their wearer to use a particular skill. This lets players do things like making Ryuji capable of using healing skills, for example.

A few days ago, Atlus published another video with Morgana explaining in a similar way why guns get automatically reloaded after each battle in Persona 5 Royal. The third Morgana’s Report video explained how Show Time, the new duo attacks, along with other gameplay additions. Character trailers are being released every week as well. Here’s Ryuji’s, Ann’s,  and Yusuke’s trailer. Two Akechi Goro figurines are also on the way, along with an art exposition.

PS4 Exclusive Persona 5 Royal launches on October 31 in Japan and in 2020 in the west.