Persona 5 Royal Reintroduces New Confidant Takuto Maruki with a New Trailer

Persona 5 Royal Reintroduces New Confidant Takuto Maruki with a New Trailer

The latest Persona 5 The Royal trailer gives us a close look on Takuto, the new "Consultant" arcana, and his personality.

acadeAtlus revealed the first new Persona 5 Royal introduction trailer in a while. There hasn’t been any since the game’s first stream. Persona 5 Royal‘s second full-length trailer and Akechi Goro’s introduction trailer were revealed there.

This time we’ve got a look on Takuto Maruki, one of the new confidant characters added in the game. Takuto is a counselor dispatched to Shujin academy after the Kamoshida incident. Right after his introduction to the students, which we saw in a previous gameplay video, he ends up calling out to Joker and his pals. Takuto asks if they’re interested in counseling, and Ryuji’s immediate rejection shocks him. Takuto then tries to swindle them with snacks. Joker can either answer “We aren’t kids you know” or “Now you’ve got me interested.” Joker picks the later, which makes Ann reprimand Joker for being so easy to win.

Next, we see some of the group cleaning school event, one of the new events in Persona 5 Royal. Takuto is participating too. He’s not cleaning but in charge of cooking. He’s actually really good at it and always cooks for himself. Later on, Takuto tries doing the salt bae meme, but ends up getting most of the salt on a student’s face.

We still don’t know what kind of skills Joker get when he ranks up Takuto’s confidant level. Atlus will probably reveal it soon.

Overall, Takuto is a bit clumsy and naive, but end up really well-liked by the students. We’ve translated his official profile in the past. Persona 5 Royal‘s staff already mentioned Takuto isn’t the only new confidant, and more will be revealed later.

PS4 exclusive Persona 5 Royal launches on October 31 in Japan and in Spring 2020 in the west. The game will have multiple differences from the original, like Morgana being more permissive about sleep. You can check the game’s latest screenshots here.